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Built-in furniture according to individual sizes is something more than a few cabinets that were in the same place at the same time. Also, we have the most recent 10 things you need to know before the opening bell.

Good design starts with developing an overall strategic plan and its subsequent implementation, so that all the small details in the end like a mosaic fit together, forming a perfect painting.

Beautiful built-in bookcase represents something more than just a capacity for storing books. It optimally fits in the allotted space and could be a key element in determining the style and spirit of the room.

Our furniture factory will make a reality of Your deepest desires.

We produce furniture of any complexity and for any taste. Only we have the widest selection of materials and accessories. Our experts will advise You how to properly and most convenient to place the furniture in Your apartment, house, cottage. All our materials are high quality and environmentally friendly. We have very low prices and a huge choice of cheap sectionals from the manufacturer. Our design of furniture is collected on the basis of quality accessories. This furniture will surely last You for years. We produce furniture for individual orders for different social population versts.

Built-in furniture adds personality. Little emphasizes the originality of the room as bright as the built-in furniture. An empty room can be turned into a masterpiece of decorative art, deliberately making the kitchen design and equipped room with built in wardrobes.

Built-in furniture increases the value of your property. Due to the content, you can increase the value of your home, which will delight you many years., and if you want to sell it, you can probably get a good amount of profits.

Our furniture factory has 9-year experience in manufacturing and installing custom-made furniture from the beginning (create a project) to end (installation of the product at the facility). The company works with manufacturers such as Egger chipboard (175 color options), Kronospan (102 decoration), Swisspan and Cleaf (unique texture creates a 3D effect).

We use Accessories - Blum(Austria), hafele (Austria), DC, Muller, Hettich, REJS, LINKEN SYSTEM, Thermoplast ITALO, Starke.

Worktops and wall panels – Egger, Luxform, Arpa.

Only we can implement the most sophisticated designs, at first glance, not a real design, in the hands of our design engineers is becoming a real product.

Children's furniture

Bunk beds, sofas, cots, furniture for schools and kindergartens, teen room

Computer and Desk
Computer desks and tables

Comfortable, ergonomic models for work and study

Dining kitchen tables
Dining, kitchen tables

rectangular, round, oval

Coffee tables
Coffee table

Elegant console, coffee and tea-tables

chairs and chairs wooden
Armchairs and chairs wooden

What to buy a chair or seat? Take a seat and you'll understand!

Orthopedic chair
Orthopedic chair

Armchairs with orthopedic effect KULIK SYSTEM

Chairs for managers
for Executive Chairs

Comfortable armchairs upholstered in high quality leather or cloth

Chair staff
Chairs for staff

Comfortable chairs for multiple functions. A variety of upholstery materials 


Sliding doors of wardrobes are successfully used in cabinets for hallways and living rooms and bedrooms


Wide and comfortable bed - what you need to sleep and rest

Chairs for cafes, bars and home interiors
Chairs for cafes, bars and home interiors

Models for any room


If the hall is in order, and the house in abundance.

upholstered furniture

Sofas, chairs, corner patterns, frameless furniture, sofa, couch

pillow, cushion
Orthopedic mattresses, pillows

Pocket Spring, Bonnel, springless, futon bedding, baby mattresses, toppers,


Collection of bedroom, beds, dressing table, dressing tables, bedside tables

Walls, living rooms, modular furniture
Walls, living rooms, modular furniture

Walls, living rooms, modular systems, furniture sets


Kitchen furniture, bespoke kitchens, furniture fronts, kitchen corners, kitchen

Kitchen appliances, sinks, faucets
Kitchen appliances, sinks, faucets

the oven, hoods, ovens, cooktops, faucets, sinks, garbage cans